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September 3, 2010

Are you using Social Media on your Job Search?

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When I was in college the social media frenzy began. I had been working with the PR department at WCU when my boss asked me how effective social media would be. My friends were using it and so was I, so my answer was that it would help WCU increase their students. I never thought it would get as much attention as it did.

WCU increased their student count because of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube Channel. I also never thought it would help me so much out of college.  I was wrong and just began using social media for my job search. I have results!

Of course I have not received a job using social media but I have received attention through it. Today I received a call from a PR/Entertainment firm that I had been looking at for about four months. I have kept track of their events and blogs but I never thought that if I mentioned with on a tweet that they would contact me back. I began following them and mentioning them in my tweets. I was pretty excited when they mentioned me and liked what they saw. Later she called me and I received an internship.  Here are some tips that I found other people were using to find their job using social media. I also will include some Do’s and Don’ts.

1. Follow businesses you are interested in

Many of us will follow our friends and fellow classmates or a famous person that we love. Why don’t you follow companies or businesses you are interested in working for. Since social media as become a number one marketing tool of the PR world many, if not all, have social media pages. Follow them. Mention them when you are interested in a job.

2. Introduce yourself through mentioning the company

The best way for you to get someone to notice you on Twitter is mentioning his or her company and introducing yourself. Pitch yourself and get them to follow you.

3. Networking

Network yourself to other students and professionals. I began following PR professionals and they began following me back. I even have exchanged emails with them and was lucky enough to be on Job Seeker of the Week by Lauren Novo. I have also had professionals talk about job openings. My favorite thing to do is talk to other PR students about their struggles and discouragement because honestly we all feel the same.

4. Blog, blog BLOG

Blogging is very important for you to get used to. Truth is you maybe start blogging for clients or your company. PR pros should get used to it and research as much as possible before they begin blogging. For now, you can begin a personal blog about your experiences and struggles but your blog is not going anywhere unless you publicize. Personally I use Twitter and Facebook but you can do much more.

I have given some advice on what you can do but I am going to quickly go through the don’ts of social media.

  1. Do not put your personal life on any social media. Everyone is guilty of it, even myself but if you want professionals to take you seriously you have to make yourself look like the professional.
  2. Do not put any PR firms or companies down without a reliable source. PR companies talk to each other and sometimes work together. Be careful with what you say because you never know who might be working with who or who is watching you.
  3. Do not put photos up that will hurt your reputation. This is not something I need to explain we all know what makes us look good and bad.
  4. Do not “cyber fight” with anyone! This is every important because we all are guilty of doing this. When someone is saying bad things about you handle it the most professional way you can. Do not say anything that will hurt your reputation.

These are just some of the social media rules that I live by. What are yours?


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