The PR Job Search Begins!

August 18, 2010

Let’s Get Real!

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Let’s imagine that you just graduated from college, completed your           internship and found the perfect entry-level job. You also make enough to pay off your college loans. Ah that’s the life. Well guess what? Dream is over! Time to put your nose back into job searching since it seems like nothing is open to entry- level PR professionals. If you worked hard throughout college to find a great job this hit you pretty hard since you have been out of work for months or, like me, working a part time job until you can get on your feet.

So if  you have been in interview after interview only to get turned down every time. Did you ever email them and ask them why? Well I recently went to a job interview and received great feedback. They smiled, nodded their head, and even praised me for my ideas and portfolio. At this point I knew I had the job. It was perfect for me and I have a lot of experience in this job. Then two weeks later they emailed me telling me they had placed the position and good luck on my job search. At that moment I was upset but then I thought “what did I do wrong not to get the job?” “Was it me?”

I am sure many of you have questions like this when you do not get the job you wanted. Truth is, it may not be you at all. In fact it might be the person that comes in behind you that hurts your chances of getting the job. I decided to email the company and asked for some feedback on what I could change during an interview. She said, “You were great!  You do not need to change a thing. The thing is someone came in that was Senior Account Executive of another company took this position. In fact you were our second choice after meeting this person.” I was frustrated but at the same time relieved that it was not me but the job industry.

The advice I give tonight is that you are up against a lot in this economy. It may not be your fault that you did not get the job you wanted. The problem is junior and senior level account executive are getting the entry-level positions that we are applying for. This is not good for any of us. This might be one of the worse things that could happen but at least you know IT IS NOT YOU!

That’s me getting real!


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